Thursday, 5 April 2012


Disclaimer:  The following may be the shallowest blog post ever...but since I live in a house of men, I have to share.

We are leaving for NYC next week so I'm trying to decide what to pack and get as many things done ahead of time as I can.  We will be taking the train from Maine to NYC so everything I take has to fit in a wheeled carry-on.
I have no idea what to take....
I did find this super bargain....$6.99 on the Old Navy clearance rack

This has been my favorite outfit lately...but I just read that you shouldn't wear ripped jeans after 40 (sorry but they are my favorite jeans)

Mmmm, this outfit also features the off-limits jeans
This is the comfiest outfit yet...but somehow I feel like a circus performer when I wear it (and not in a good way)
The real question to make these, my favorite footwear, look stylish (not possible?)

I kept walking in to Scott's office wearing each different outfit...discussing the pros and cons...he looked rather bored and remarked "You need a daughter". Yeah, that's for sure.
I think the problem is I spend most of my time here......and a down filled coat and rubber boots just don't translate to..........


  1. No ripped jeans after 40?! Oh dear, I think I am a fashion don't! :)
    I understand how you feel, but please know you are going to see people wearing all types of clothing, dressed up, dressed down. My motto is...does it fit, is it clean and am I comfortable [ an important detail now that I am in my 40's]? After that I don't worry too much. I think your outfits look fine and I especially love your new top. Go and have a good time, enjoy yourself and just relax. :)

  2. Love all your tops and as for the ripped jeans...keep rockin them! You won't get carded! Comfy shoes are a must. You are going to have so much fun...can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Well, it would seem I have been wearing inappropriate jeans for 5 years. Uh oh.

  4. It's hard living with a man, isn't it??
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