Sunday, 8 April 2012

Does size matter?

I have to share this picture of an egg hunt that took place in a nearby town.......that just happens to pride itself on having the "biggest axe".  Is this something to be proud of?  I'm not convinced.  And don't you find this picture a tad creepy?  The Easter Bunny looks a bit demented...and everyone is naively searching for eggs around a macabre-looking is strange to say the least.

Strange like our penchant for building the "largest whatever".
In my hometown we have the largest fiddle.

The largest perogy can be found in Alberta

We have the largest potato at a nearby farm market

There is also the largest easter egg in Alberta

Is this a Canadian thing?


  1. oh wow, size apparently does matter very much in alberta. i remember once when i was little seeing a giant paul bunyan with an axe, which i thought was so cool. happy easter denise!

  2. Ummm, wow....apparently in Alberta is does....

  3. Oh my...that Easter Bunny! Demented, for sure! Ha Ha!