Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Getaway...part 1

 We're back from our little getaway the weather was crappy so I didn't have to climb the mountain...we did manage a hike to a waterfall before the rain, the leaves are just starting to turn and they were beautiful
this is when I thought Scott was the greatest thing...before he took me on the dirt road to nowhere...
it was so remote, you had to register at a ranger station then check-in at the next station  so they would know you made it through safely
it was very muddy....I got out of the truck to take a picture of the muddiness, I noticed there were no longer power lines...this made me nervous....I imagined I heard banjo music...this made me very nervous
I looked beyond the truck and noticed this guy watching me...
I remembered that this is mating season for moose....this guy was totally checking me out...I got even more nervous
luckily we made it through the wilderness and arrived at this lovely B&B
our room had a bathtub that may or may not have had room for two (enough said)

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  1. haha banjo music got me! Looks pretty. I am of on an adventure next week with a friend. I'll keep ya posted... I won't be sharing a tub though.