Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Getaway...part 2

After our wilderness adventures we headed to southern Maine where there are lots of interesting little shops and restaurants.....

sadly this artist-run co-op shop was closed...but I had to take a pic of their  interesting window display.
there were pumpkins of every variety for sale...everywhere...I love pumpkins
when we arrived in Portland there was a cruise ship in port...I considered becoming a stowaway...but only briefly...
I had to pose outside this shop that sold all things British...ahem....(way to take my blog name)...ok, I guess they came up with the name first...whatever..


  1. Ha! First moose or meese are attracted to you and then someone goes and highjacks you blog name. I want a white pumpkin asap!

  2. What a cute picture of you. And look at all those pumpkins - amazing! What fun!