Friday, 28 October 2011

Home again, home again

Boston was great, I think it is really the friendliest city I've ever been to.   Everywhere we went (even the subway at rush hour) people talked to us...asked where we were from...told us where to eat...gave us directions to places we were looking for...I loved it.  Our hotel room was quite small but we weren't in it too much so we managed quite well.

The price on this water from the mini-bar gave new meaning to "Don't drink the water"...$6..yikes
Getting fortified before heading out on the town...left to right - my sister Andrea, my Mom, my oldest sister Heather...and me (I'm the youngest although my Mom looks younger than us..not fair)

Just like Obama and JFK, we went to Harvard
Out on a cruise of Boston Harbor...we almost froze..and why are we all wearing's like Awkward Family Photos...Boston edition
Had to make a stop here
Black & White cookies...remember the Seinfeld episode?
I was in love with this window display
My sister Heather was more in love with this display...
 Andrea is more of a margarita girl
This gnocchi was the best thing I've ever tasted...seriously
Loved this place
why are most of my pictures of food?
Best bathroom sign...ever
apparently drinking margaritas with my Mom makes my hair go stringy and my bra strap show..who knew?

When I came home the men of my house had outdone themselves, the house is quite tidy and there were clean sheets on the bed....wait a minute...what happened here that the house had to be cleaned and the beds changed?  I'm not even going to think about that, I'm just glad to be back.


  1. loved that Seinfeld episode. I cannot see a black + white cookie and not think of it. My photos are always food too! This looks like a blast!

  2. haha you and the rogue bra and margaritas! I want to live in that pastry shop.

  3. Ah Mike's... My office is a few blocks away from there. It is very hard to resist when I am there. Glad you had fun in beta town. It is a fun place.

  4. How fun! I love Boston too and this made me want to go back and eat at all the same places! You made me laugh with the scarves and Awkward family photos! And wow, those margaritas look amazing...