Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Boston Bound

I'm sitting in the business center of our hotel in downtown Portland, Maine typing a little blog update.  My mother and two sisters and I spent the day looking around the little shops in the Old Port and we catch our train into Boston in the morning.

So far:

We have been teasing my mother mercilessly because she insists on wearing yoga type pants and a matching jacket when she travels..."so I can be comfortable" she says.  Really Mom?  It's not like we're traveling by stage coach...lose the sweat suit.

We found a really cute cupcake shop and my mother and sister's refused to eat cupcakes with me..."we're saving our calories for wine", they said..."like I'm going to choose between the two, I said".

We went in to this little wine store on our way back to the hotel and my mother says (not in an indoor voice) "Do you think 3 bottles are enough?"

This ladies' getaway will either be very entertaining...or very embarrassing...jury's out.


  1. HOW FUN! I am laughing about your mom's sweatsuit. Boston is such a great city, have a ball. Oh and I agree, have both the cupcake and the wine!

  2. haha I would choose cupcakes over wine any day. Cupcake wine...now there is a thought.

  3. How fun! You just described my Mom's travel outfit and I fear I will be there soon. And I am with you wine + cupcakes...you need both.