Thursday, 29 September 2011


Scott and I are headed out this weekend sans teenagers to climb this mountain (Kitahdin) in Maine.  OK, well maybe not the entire way to the top (which takes 10 hours roundtrip) but at least some of the way.  I am not a mountaineer but I'm going to give it my best shot.  I'm already planning where to eat that wrong?

These are my artist trading cards that I just finished last night that I plan to pop in the mail this morning as part of Karmama's Artist Trading Card Swap...I'll be eagerly watching the mail next month to see the 35 different artist trading cards I will receive in return.

my morning glories finally decided to bloom

my fall decorating so far...lackluster to say the least ...but I'm hoping to get motivated soon..

and finally I'm including this picture of Calvin...apparently someone left their toothbrush laying around....

That all I've Mom is coming to stay at our house this weekend to keep the teenagers in line...should be interesting...


  1. my dog Reta needs to find a toothbrush. Seriously, her breath is rank.
    PS Love the cards. The fall decor , well you have started!:)

  2. I love your dog. And love that you and the hubby are getting away all by yourselves. Good for you that you are being outdoorsy and mountain climbing! And no, it's never bad to plan what you are eating - that's the best part!

  3. okay, I have a feeling you + I would totally hit it off, because I always plan everything around the food! Oh, you made me laugh with this post...from the fall decor to the toothbrushin' dog, you had me giggling.

  4. I love your cards! I'm so glad I get to keep one. I have done next to no decorating for this season. I haven't really since Cole was smaller. Now that I have another little one I'll get to get back on that train I guess.