Friday, 9 September 2011

The shy farmer....

So our neighbors are away for the entire month of September and they hired Isaac to look after their animals for the month....he has to feed them twice a day...6:30 am before school and again around 5 pm.  

When Scott and I were first married we had  sheep, goats, horses and was a lot of work but entertaining as well.  Now we are positively dog...and one cat, my "chores" consist of dumping some kibble in a bowl a couple of times a day...and I like it that way.  

I went with Isaac last night while he did the barn chores to get a few pictures of the animals.  "For your blog?', he asked.  "Yes", I said.  "Well don't put any pictures of me on there", he said.  "I won't", I said (not really meaning it).  I then proceeded to sneak around like the paparazzi with my zoom lens.........

oops, I guess I lied...don't tell Isaac...


  1. oh, I hear ya. My youngest came home today and told me his friend "found" my blog. I am horrified. There should be an age limit on reading blogs.

  2. haha I think my kids secretly like being on the blog. Of course they are grown and they blog. My husband told me to quit writing about him because people were talking about it to him. That just gave me more incentive to tell his stories! haha