Sunday, 25 September 2011

Scenes from the Common Ground Fair

So we're back from a whirlwind weekend in Maine.  We managed a full day at the fair and and an overnight visit with some friends near Freeport , a trip to LL Bean, and 3 picnics (the only way to feed 3 teenagers without going bankrupt).  We crammed Scott and I, Cameron, Isaac and Emily (Cameron's lovely girlfriend) into our Toyota Matrix, a tight fit for sure.  Emily and I left the guys in the hotel room the first night and did a little shopping (so nice to have a girl around).
The weather was beautiful and the fair did not disappoint:

beautiful display at one of the farmer's market vendors

so many different pumpkins

fleece for spinning

groovy smoothie-makers

loved the name of this granola vendor (Grandy-oats), and their van

Isaac and Scott at the beautiful picnic spot
I got this paparazzi shot of the teenagers...they hate when I take their pics
I had to save the best for last...this sign is not a joke...I saw the wedding dresses...on the same floor as the guns....crazy eh?

The drive home today was long...over 5 hours...the guys spent the whole time talking about how they would both like to have motorcycles some day.....I think sometimes they are trying to see if they can drive their mother slowly insane with worry.   Emily listened to her Ipod and watched the scenery go by...why didn't I have a daughter?


  1. shot gun weddings...good times.

    Looks like a great fair.

  2. Love that smoothie maker and the last sign...hilarious! I hear ya on the daughter thing!!

  3. the teenage daughter can be a pain too. Good news .... all three of mine grew up. Guns and wedding dresses ....why didn't I think of that!