Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Testosterone station

Did you ever wish you had a man-brain?
Last night  at 11 pm we had an impromptu visit from Cameron ....who attends university  and lives approximately a 1 hr drive from home. He started a new job from 5:45 am til 9am Mon-Fri  at a fancy hotel....and he needed his dress clothes....like his suit pants, dress shirts...and ties.  
Should I add that the job started the next morning and this was the first time he thought of this?

I started on a rant of  "why can't you be more organized ?", "did you register for all your courses?", "did you get all your student loan forms sent in?", "don't forget your orthodontist appt on Monday"....." why do you never return my texts"...."make sure you wear black socks with your suit", etc, etc.

He was practically running from the house when he left.....and I had a headache.

After he left Scott and I settled down to watch tv.....and he said "Did Cameron tell you that when he was almost home he stopped at the local gas station to fill up his car...and there was a handicapped older man (who lives in a group home in our little town) and he was starting to walk home....with his walker...and it was dark so Cameron stopped and offered him a ride, throwing the walker in the back seat?".  The old guy proceeded to tell Cameron his difficult life story...and Cameron didn't want to hurry him out of the car...so he was about an hour later than he planned getting home.

Uhm....no he didn't tell me anything....I was too busy telling him all the things he wasn't doing right....

Sometimes it sucks being the mother.

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  1. Oh my gosh. You poor dear. It is okay, we all are not perfect, but it sounds like you've done a wonderful job raising an amazing young man. Don't be too hard on yourself.