Friday, 1 February 2013

This week

On Tuesday Isaac had his university tour, he has been accepted to the Bachelor of Science program at this university.  I dropped him off then did a few errands and when he texted me that he was ready we met up in the student lounge...where I took this picture from the lounge window.  "You have to blog this don't you Mom?"....(you know it son...).  

I attended this university too....26 years ago...yikes.  I hope he actually completes his degree unlike his mother (shhhh..ha ha).  

The university is in a nearby city (only about 30 miles from our home) so he will be able to come home often.  My sister and her husband live in the city and they have an extra bedroom in their basement so he will stay with them like his big brother did.....until this year when he moved into an apartment with his friends.

Isaac is very excited for September to, not so much.  Our nest will be empty...only Scott and I, the dog and the cat....yikes.

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  1. Wow, that is super exciting and super life changing, huh? I feel that day coming and it makes my heart hurt when I let it. How great that he will be close though, and can drive home for mama's cooking!