Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Yarn Along Feb 27, 2013

Joining with Ginny of "Small Things" for Yarn Along where you share a picture of what you are reading and what you are knitting.

I'm still working away on my "Fletcher Mittens", I was stuck on how to finish the thumb last week but after posting my dilemma on Yarn Along, I got lots of advice and figured it out with a little help from my online thank you!

As for the book...yikes...I just started it and can't put it down.  It's about a seemingly happy couple about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary when the wife disappears without a trace.  Did she run away?  Did her husband or someone else harm her?  The chapters alternate from the wife to the husband's story of what happens...I have no idea who is at fault...but somehow I'm kind of reminds me of a Hitchcock movie.


  1. I just finished that book, too. I loved it. Have a happy week, friend. :)

  2. It's on my book club list for this year and I can't wait!

  3. oh good, your mitts look great. i did read that too, and perhaps it is because i am not really a reader of fiction, but i also couldn't put it down and then was mad at myself for reading it. i thought i liked it at first but then really did not at all. i'm interested to see what you think.