Sunday, 10 February 2013

10 on 10 February 2013

Today I took a picture every hour for 10  hours as part of A Bit of Sunshine: 10 on 10.   We are just digging out from a snowstorm yesterday that left us with 12 inches of fresh snow.
 Here is my set of pictures from today:

#1 Breakfast

# 2 Early Valentine's baking

#3 Calvin enjoying the fresh snow

#4 Furry feet

#5 Working away on these mittens

#6 Sock knitting by the fire

#7 Snowshoeing

#8 Catnap

#9 I made homemade jelly donuts...darn you Pinterest.

#10 Making donuts did this to my tidy kitchen....


  1. I want that much snow! We've been getting a few 'dustings.'
    THOSE mittens. Wow.
    And those donuts. Yummy!!

  2. love your set of 10, i would LOVE to go snowshoeing, i would love to be in snow. your mittens are beautiful too, almost done!

  3. What a lot of snow, I love the light in some of these photos, doesn't look as cold as Im sure it must be.

  4. OK... breakfast looked delicious... LOL... we had donuts too... I bought mine. And you knit? Great pics!

  5. You are a wonder! Donuts and knitting and cupcakes in one day??!! Amazing lady!