Thursday, 7 February 2013

Going to the Chapel

Last weekend we attended our friend's daughter's wedding.  We have known Jill since she was 3 years old and I can't believe she is now a wife and mother.  She is a lovely girl, we have been friends with her parents for almost 25 years and have enjoyed watching her and her sister grow up.

The wedding was casual, simple and lovely.  

I made the bride's and bridesmaid's bouquets, it's something I started doing when Scott's  nephew got married 15 years ago...and this is my 10th time doing wedding flowers.  I love it but mostly because I only do it for friends and would probably be a bit stressful if it was my job.
The bridesmaids bouquets were very colorful.

The bride's bouquet was huge with bright flowers like the bridesmaid's and white hydrangea too.

The bride's Mom knit these little wool sleeves to slip over the flower stems.

Scott and I all decked out before we left for the, Scott is not wearing a lampshade on his sister never claimed to be a photographer..ha ha

Baby Jane found her parent's wedding exhausting and had to have a cat nap.
The lovely bride.

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  1. oh my denise, you look lovely and your flower arranging, wow! such talent! i love the little knitted sleeves.
    congratulations to the new couple!