Friday, 17 August 2012

Worry Wart

Isaac and 4 of his friends just left for a camping weekend in Prince Edward Island.  It is about a 4 hour drive from our I crazy to let him go?  They are all 17 years old...about to enter their senior year in high school next month.  I have known about this trip for a month (and worried the entire time)...but I'm also so glad they are adventurous and interested in getting out and doing things....(it's the things that they might be doing that worries me...).  

They plan spend some time at the beach....
and some time exploring the island...
I'm pretty sure they have no interest in attending this....
or checking out the Green Gables homestead...I'm quite sure none of the boys are big Anne of Green Gables fans.

Scott and I agonised all month on letting him go then we thought about less than 1 year Isaac will be setting off for surely he should be able to go camping for the weekend now.

Two weeks ago our oldest son went to the Osheaga Music festival in Montreal (surely I think these boys are trying to drive their poor worrywart mama crazy).  He survived...both the festival and the driving in Montreal that is famously insane.

I'll be glued to my phone all weekend waiting for him to text me and give me a play-by-play of what they are doing.  How did parents survive before the cell phone umbilical cord?

When I told Isaac's two grandmothers about the trip (keep in mind my Mom is 68 and my mother-in-law is 82), they said "that is wonderful they will have so much fun".  I can't believe it...I'm less cool than the grannies.


  1. I am sitting here right now wanting on a text from my 19 year old,from one worrywart mama to another I understand. We just have to trust that we raised them right and now it's time for them to make a few decisions on their own.
    I'll be thinking of you this weekend.

  2. Boy oh boy, I can only imagine. It is a rite of passage I suppose. I wish I could go for all of the Anne Shirley that they boys won't appreciate!