Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ten on Ten August 2012

Joining with Rebecca today for Ten on Ten
Here's my set for August:

# 1 Sweet Peas

#2 Buddies

# 3 Pumpkin

# 4 Sunflower

 # 5 My new great-nephew Christian only 24 hours old today

# 6 Garden Bounty

# 7 More sweet peas

# 8 Purple peppers

# 9 This funny view out my kitchen window (we have been painting our house all month)

# 10 Setting up a big tv at the community hall...tomorrow morning our hometown girl Catharine Pendrel goes for gold in women's mountain biking at the London Olympics and the whole town is getting together to watch the race live.


  1. Beautiful photos, Love Christian, he's just lovely. Also love the cat & dog shot and the painters legs. Nice set of ten!

  2. oooh, the pumpkin shot makes me so excited for fall!!! great set :)

  3. I love all the different perspectives you took when capturing glimpses of your day. Your great-nephew is adorable and those sweet pea are so pretty!