Monday, 13 August 2012

Scenes from the Fair

This weekend was our little town's Community Fair.  It has been going on for almost 100 is old-timey to say the least.  It starts out on Friday night with a pageant (I know...what you're thinking...and I agree), followed by an outdoor concert and fireworks over the lake.

Our family looks after a hot dog canteen at the fair...we deep fry hot dogs...steam the buns and fry  the onions in oil...they are very popular...we sold 1000 hot dogs in 4 hours.  I hope we aren't responsible for anyone's cardiovascular health taking a nose dive this weekend.  We raised over $1100 for various charities at our canteen (that cancels out promoting bad nutrition for a day...doesn't it)?

At the end of the day Scott and I went to the old fashioned baked bean and potato salad supper.  I swear the median age there was 75 years old....but it was delicious..and included homemade brown bread...and pie!  I was tempted to whip out my camera and take a picture at the table but wasn't sure if the senior citizens there would appreciate the paparazzi.  

I did, however take a few pictures of the other events:

Saturday morning there was a parade...with firetrucks

and funky old trucks....

there is a craft/bake sale where you can buy cupcakes...and how can you resist cupcakes?  I did not...and they were delicious.

There was a display of antique engines....and isn't this little old man the cutest?  He was so proud of  his 1909 Antique engine...and I loved his overalls so I had to get a picture.

There was an alpaca petting zoo...really...I just loved saying "alpaca petting zoo"...all day

hello cuteness

in the parade there were people in kilts playing the bagpipes....bagpipes are loud but festive...and no..I didn't ask them if they were wearing underwear under their kilts...sheesh...I do have manners you know.

There was a "build your own boat race" out of recycled materials....some of the boats were quite interesting....

The boat race was very fun to watch...most of them floated but staying on the boat gave a few teams some problems.  

I think for the rest of the week I shall eat salad to make up for the deep fried hot dog fiasco.


  1. your fair looks awesome, i would suffer for those hotdogs too!

  2. Your little town is so adorable. I love a good hot dog, and the way you prepare them sounds amazing! And how cute is an old man in overalls?

  3. your town is so quaint! love it. the old man in the denim overalls is my favorite.