Thursday, 2 August 2012

Birds, Birds, Birds

We took a break from house painting last weekend (which we really shouldn't have because we are oh so close to finishing) to go kayaking on a small lake near our place.

As we paddled quietly up a calm channel I looked to my right and saw this nest of beautiful olive-colored eggs right on the edge of the water.  I knew from the eggs that it was a loon's nest.  Since the loons build their nests on the water's edge the eggs are often damaged when motorized water craft go too close to the shore and the waves from their wake swamps the loon's nest, knocking the eggs into the water.  It is so sad as I love the sound of the loons so much and their population is really dwindling.  

I think this nest is safe because the lake is so small there is never motorized watercraft on it, only rowboats and kayaks.  Aren't these eggs huge considering a loon is only the size of a duck and the eggs were easily twice the size of chicken's eggs.

We also so these beautiful egrets which aren't even supposed to be this far north.

I checked in my bird book and they are normally found from South Carolina down toward Florida.  I think they are lost...I blame their GPS...those things screw everyone up.


  1. wow that is amazing, and so sad too, i'm glad to know this nest is somewhat protected.