Monday, 20 August 2012

House painting & Hallelujah!

Two things happened this weekend that made me very happy....Isaac and his buddies returned safe and sound from their camping trip to Prince Edward Island (I have a funny story about their trip that I will have to share later in the week) and we finished painting the house.  We worked on it for the last 6 weeks after work and on the weekends....we used 20 gallons of stain, and I am SO tired of painting, thank goodness it is done!  I really don't like vinyl siding but  oh my maintaining wood siding is a lot of work!

Here is the after picture of the screen porch (complete with Charlotte napping on the step)
Here is a before picture (notice the screen door was red before...and the clapboards above the veranda roof had turned an ugly dark gray from sun damage)
During....Scott painting the woodshed and north end of the house
After pic of woodshed and north side
Another before shot
After...mudroom door...I painted all the metal doors yellow

After: woodshed door and mudroom window....

So just to recap I painted the metal doors yellow, the screen door aqua and the woodshed door red...but they are all on a different side of the house so you don't see them all at once, and the siding color is quite neutral (grayish-taupe) so I'm hoping the doors will add a little interest.  I hope it doesn't look like a clown-house....mostly because I'm afraid of clowns...and I would hate a bunch of them to show up at my door...yikes.

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