Sunday, 29 May 2011

Friend.....or Foe?

I hate dandelions.  I know, I know they are certainly not the biggest problem the world has to deal with.  But I loathe them.  Every year they multiply on our lawn, springing up between the flagstones on the path, competing with my tulips in the flower garden.  I can't poison them....and be known as the shallow, environmental terrorist that just couldn't deal with a little yellow flower on her precious lawn. 

 But, some people do, they have no conscience....and I drive by their luscious, green lawns....and I feel it...lawn envy.  I wish I  didn't know any better, I wish I could "just touch their leaves with a bit o'poison....and say goodbye to my little yellow friends...or that I could think they are beautiful.  My husband says...look at them and pretend they are in a beautiful Monet painting ...when I look at them....I swear they are organizing for an evil uprising..

What do you think?  

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