Tuesday, 24 May 2011

We said goodbye to a special lady this weekend...........

Here she is with my nephew at his wedding last fall.  Gram would have been 91 this week, in fact we were planning her birthday party when she passed away this weekend.  What a special lady she was...after raising 5 kids (while operating a successful restaurant/cabin business) she found herself divorced at 49 (something not as common in 1969 as it is now).  Around this time she started painting for the first time in her life, turns out she was an artist as well.  She went on to sell hundreds of beautiful paintings and gave drawing/painting lessons until she was 85.  She also re-married a lovely man who was a widower and the two of them traveled all over Canada and the USA with their little travel trailer.  She was the classic grandmother....she thought her grandchildren were perfect (and we didn't have the heart to tell her any different!).  Gram had the best attitude, she loved to travel and go shopping.  She was always up for a road trip, even traveling to England when she was 88.  This weekend was spent sharing a lot of funny stories with my cousins who all came home for the funeral, it was bittersweet for sure.  We went through old pictures, told funny stories, drank some wine  and celebrated a life well-lived....I think Gram would have loved it.

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