Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Yeah....that's Hugh Jackman on the left....and our son Cameron on the right.  We were staying in San Francisco at a hotel across from the Curran Theater and Hugh is performing there this week.  Every evening before and after his show he would come out and sign autographs, pose for pictures and talk to people.  

After watching this several times I convinced the boys to go down and get their picture taken with him....Isaac (always the younger brother) decided he would be the picture taker....he is in the next picture with the red and black hockey jacket on.....

I wanted to put the picture on Facebook so my sister-in-law( a big Hugh Jackman fan) could see it...but Cameron said "no Mom, you have to wait a few days....you don't want to look desperate, like that is the most exciting thing that has happened to you "  I said "but that IS the most exciting thing that has happened to me...lately...hell, for a LONG time".

I couldn't believe what a nice guy Hugh  seemed to be (yeah, I just use his first name now...I practically KNOW him).  One lady told him her mother was in the car and wasn't able to walk out to where the line up was and he went with her to the car and shook the mother's hand and posed for a picture.  

I found out that his wife is like 12 years older than him....that kind of endeared him to me too...oh and the Australian accent....I think you get the picture.