Thursday, 27 March 2014

This and that

Although there are pretty spring flowers on my table...look outside...a blizzard. I swear this winter weather will never end.

I'm back to work in the studio, this week I've been working on a few teapots.

I'm so tired of cooking on this wood stove but good news, our new gas stove which has been back ordered for 2 months is being shipped from Tennessee on Monday.  Now we just need to cut a hole in our kitchen wall to move our fridge, get a new butcher block counter for the island and get the gas line hooked up.

I've also been making a few more retro Boler camper mugs to be shipped to Toronto and California.

Isaac came home from university to celebrate his 19th birthday, I can't believe my baby is all grown up.
And since in Canada the legal age to drink alcohol is 19....his grandmother bought him a beer.  He is lucky that his 70 year old grandmother is pretty cool.

I've been doing more knitting than reading lately but I really want to re-read these two books which are my favourites.
I also got these 2 new ones that are supposed to be good too. "The Orenda" recently won Canada Reads, a nationwide contest for the best book in Canada this year. It is a really big deal heare with lots of hype across the country...we're wild up in here.

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