Saturday, 15 March 2014


So with my mother off to Florida for the month of March and me being the daughter that lives closest to her house, I get the job of visiting this guy everyday while mom is gone.  Probably makes since seeing I gave him to her when he was a kitten....I had taken in a stray cat and to thank me she deposited 5 kittens in my sun porch...cats are like that.  
This is my childhood home...a farmhouse on 100 acres that has been in my father's family since they immigrated from Scotland in 1865.  They built a log cabin first and then built this house in 1880.  Since my father was an only child the farm got passed on to him and my sisters and I grew up here.
Dad passed away in 2010 so Mom lives here alone now.  This is the dining room.
The pantry has the cupboards that were built in the 1920' fact the insides of the drawers were made from recycled orange and liquor crates.
Upstairs in the hallway there is  my grandparent's wedding picture in the center, mom and dad's on the top left, my sisters' wedding pictures on the bottom left and top right, and my wedding picture on the bottom right.
Growing up we all shared this tiny bathroom....3 sisters getting ready in the morning..yikes.

Also because this house has never left our family, the attic is full of interesting things.  Wedding dresses from the 1900's, prom dresses from the 1950's, and 150 years of pictures. Including these albums my grandmother made in 1920.
And I leave you with this high school graduation picture from 1987...yikes...the 1980's are not nearly as quaint as the 1880's.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this post, the house, the beautiful house, the photo albums with that wonderfully schooled writing and you! you're so pretty. I was a complete mess at that age. Your parents house looks out of some movie but I can't think which one?

  2. Hi Denise! I've stopped by here before, and I've always admired your gorgeous pottery. Thank you for coming by my blog, and for your sweet comment...and I totally get that about crying! :)

    Your childhood home is beautiful! I think it's so special that your mom still lives there, as that is rare these days. What a sweet post!