Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Infinity and beyond

So I finally finished my "Favourite Things Infinity Scarf" from Ravelry.  It has been so much fun to knit, picking out the pattern charts and colours has been addicting.  I've had many trips to Briggs & Little Woolen Mills, our local yarn store to buy new colours of yarn.  I've also had great knitting afternoons with two of my best friends as I convinced them to knit their own infinity scarf (it also helped that we shared/traded lots of yarn so we had many colours available to use).

Here's a picture of me holding up my friends scarf and mine to compare:

I'm not exactly sure when I started this scarf but I'm thinking sometime after Christmas.  I did take a lot of pictures of my progress along the way.
Thanks so much to Lori from "Lori Times Five" for introducing me to this fun project.  I thought it would be too late in the season to wear this scarf but sadly we have snow in the forecast tonight so I might get to wear it after all.


  1. What a glorious scarf! Love the gnomes in particular.

  2. oh my gosh denise!! i love love love your scarf! please tell me where you found the walking fox? i think i need to knit that into my own (it's still sitting here waiting for attention!). i made mine just for the fun of it, and it's so cute to look at. love yours and your friends! how fun you made it together!

  3. Beautiful! such fun colors and motifs.
    I'm making one also but I couldn't master the provisional cast-on so I have just done a traditional one - don't know what to do when I get to the end - guess I could just sew the two ends together.
    Snowing here in the alps too.