Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring update

Scott and I escaped the never-ending winter of 2014 and drove south for a few days deciding to explore Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard before the hoardes of summer visitors descended.
After taking the 1 hr ferry ride from the mainland to Martha's Vineyard we explored the neighbourhood of Oak Bluffs to check out the "Campground Houses ". These amazing little houses were built around 1875 as part of a Methodist church summer retreat.  They were adorable, there are between 200-300 of them still in use today. They were all arranged in a circular neighbourhood around a large church and park.
I took so many pictures of all the cute porches.

We then went to Edgar Town where the houses were mostly all grey shingled or white clapboards.  What a lovely little town.

Back on the mainland we spent a night in Provincetown and went to the Cape Cod National Seashore Park.  It was chilly but we bundled up and walked along the beach.  You could see huge sprays of water from whales just off shore.

I stopped to take a picture of these little storage sheds.  You can buy a kit with everything you need precut and shipped to your home and build it yourself.  I'm thinking the shipping costs would be a bit high to send one of these to Canada but it would make a perfect bunkhouse for us to build at the lake.
After we returned home Scott cut a hole through our kitchen wall into our mudroom as we are doing a bit of kitchen renovations so therefore all the boots and coats from the mudroom had to be deposited on our bedroom floor.....yikes.

The maple sap is running (and the snow is still here!) so we put the taps in the maple trees and have been boiling down syrup outside.
I unloaded a kiln on Thursday with new teapots.
On Wednesday my Uncle Don from Toronto passed away.  He had battled cancer for 3 years and it recently returned.  He was my mother's oldest brother and quite a character.  His obituary requested that instead of donations or flowers everyone share a memory, have a shot in his honour and hug your family.  So Scott and I and the boys all had a shot of whiskey last night and a toast to Uncle Don.  I was so touched when his wife called to say he was being cremated and he wanted his ashes buried in one of the pottery urns I make.   I sent this oak/acorn urn to Toronto with my mother when she left for the funeral on Wednesday.


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  2. Oh my goodness those are the MOST amazing houses in the first few pictures! Thanks for saying hello today:) xoxo Katie