Friday, 31 May 2013

Panties revealed

Living in the country it is a fact that almost everyone dries their laundry on a clothesline.  Of course the clothesline is often for convenience located near the front door which provides all kinds of awkward when the FedEx man is waiting for you to sign for the delivery and you notice your panties fluttering in the wind around his head.  But the added bonus is when you go to someone's house...say your  neighbour who you thought was kind of a no-nonsense type lady and you see some racy undies gracing her clothesline...true story.


  1. Cor blimey Missus! Very new zealandish - noone hangs their knickers out here, more's the pity. Though our offerings are so ripped and grey its probably just as well

  2. This was a story that made me chuckle. It reminded me too of my gran, speaking longingly of laundry days when the problems of the world were resolved with discussions across a clothes line. It was a group effort on sheet day... and neighbor would help neighbor...