Tuesday, 4 September 2012

In the forest....

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post about our trip to the old cabin in the woods that a certain little great-nephew of mine made the trip as well.  I took advantage of our forest location to do a little woodland photo shoot of two week-old baby Christian.

I could be a little bit biased...but...isn't he adorable?

My mother didn't like this one "he looks like we abandoned him in the woods...it's sad". What you don't see in this picture is his mother, grandmother, great grandmother and aunt hovering 2 feet away making sure a mosquito didn't land anywhere near him during the photo shoot.
On another note, I was a little sad that it was September and summer was practically over....until I went to the mall today...and saw this....yum...it was even better than I remembered.


  1. Abandonment. That's funny. :)
    He is adorable.

  2. Sweet baby Christian...what a love. Christian was one of our boy names. How fun to have a baby around!
    It was 104 here today in Texas - enjoy that latte!