Thursday, 27 September 2012

A snapshot of today

It seems every blog I read lately is about how hot it is and how everyone really wishes Fall would arrive.  Well it's here...I mean here at my house, it is getting quite cool at night and my flannel sheets are back on the bed...and I'm wearing socks again.....and I already miss swimming in the  lake.

3 batches of homemade soap drying to be ready for my Open House studio sale in November...basil/rosemary, sweet orange and patchouli.

Most of our firewood has arrived and the woodshed is getting almost full.

The leaves are just starting to turn red.

This may be the last zinnia bouquet from my garden before the frost comes.

Lots of garlic drying in the barn

The tomatoes will not stop...I've sauced and salsa'd just about enough thank you.

I found this crazy thing in the pumpkin patch...since I saved my seeds from last year I'm thinking my garden was the scene of an illicit biracial pumpkin/squash encounter last summer and I'm left with the offspring this year....I've named him Squashkin.

This is my entire pumpkin harvest this year...I'll probably save their seeds too for next year...who knows what they've got up to this summer...they look quite innocent though.


  1. wow what a wonderful bounty at your home, those pumpkins are awesome, love them on your porch. and the soap looks great.

  2. Homemade soap? You are a wonder!