Monday, 5 December 2011

What was he thinking?

I stole this picture from Cameron's facebook page...he un-friended his own mother....I had to  seek revenge.  When I asked him why he unfriended me, his response "because Gram and Aunt Gloria kept commenting on everything I post...not cool". 

 So I said "well I don't comment on anything ", (mostly because I have been warned repeatedly not to do this) why did you unfriend me?  His reply "because I just unfriended everyone over 30 so that no one felt singled out".  Uhm...I feel singled out...apparently carrying him inside my body for 9 months (and two weeks..but who's counting) then enduring 10 hours of labor (did I mention forceps) does not warrant "friending" on facebook? Oye...

You know what else he did? 
broke up with this girl, the loveliest girlfriend in the world (in my opinion).  I'm not pleased...but they have been dating since they were quite young...{sigh}

I guess I'll have to move on...without we're back to me and the three guys in the family who outnumber me...and I don't have a female ally...except the cat (and who trusts a cat?)

I do have to give him credit for his creative grape picture (when I start speaking to him  that is).


  1. Love, love, love the grape picture. Must be tough to move on without your girl. I haven't been there yet, but can only imagine having 2 boys.

  2. Oh boy, teenagers. I do not look forward to Facebook or girlfriend issues. But the grapes are pretty funny.

    And no, I wouldn't trust the cat either.

  3. The grape picture is hilarious. Teens and facebook were not an issue for me. I think there may have been My Space back then but it was nothing like facebook.

  4. That grape picture is pretty funny.

    My girls are 9 & 11 and I did let them have facebook briefly but then decided to take them off, BUT my brother in law had the most lovely girlfriend that our entire family ADORED and they broke up several years ago and I have been praying that they get back together, even though she moved across the country last year and has a new boyfriend.