Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas ...part two

Christmas Eve it snowed...the fluffiest, most beautiful snow ever.  I took so many are about to be bored..(I warned you)

The yard simply was dreamy...

Eventually I had to come inside and make homemade pizzas...(strange tradition..I know) but Christmas Day we have a turkey extravaganza ( more on this in an upcoming post) at my in-laws so pizza it is on Christmas Eve.  This year we had a fairly small group at our house which included our family of 4 along with  my in-laws, my mother, and  one of my sisters and her husband.

Christmas morning I woke up really early and snapped this was still lovely out.  I tried to wake the teenagers....but had little Scott and I enjoyed this breakfast quietly...and soon they smelled food...and got up (works like a charm).

I think I have an obsession with everything that wrong?


  1. The snow is beautiful. We have none. I have never had eggnog. Pizza I have had... and too much of it too! Your party looks fun. I love the hats!

  2. Those pictures are GORGEOUS! I made an Eggnog Rum Cake today: to DIE for! :)

  3. Stunning photos!! I love eggnog stuff too! Have you tried Silk Nog? Delicious!