Monday, 20 June 2011

Because I'm your mother....

This guy....son # 1 was escorting  his girlfriend to her graduation  prom tonight

Yesterday he had quite a scruffy, unshaven face so I said "make sure you shave before you get ready to take Emily to prom".  Which was met with this reply " Emily told me not to shave...she likes my scruffy beard...are you really going to make me pick between my mother and my girlfriend...and besides I have to go with my girlfriend because isn't a mother's love unconditional....and a girlfriend's love is not."

How do you argue with logic like that?  And besides I am really fond of Emily so I  want to keep her around.

When I met up with them tonight in the park, he was cleanly-shaven....apparently Emily had a change of heart......she's great like that.

  As the only woman in our house I've grown accustomed to making all the fashion decisions....but I guess it's time to make room...there's a new girl in town. 

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