Thursday, 9 June 2011

Academic Probation....say WHAT????

Ok, blog friends....if you are waiting for another heartwarming episode of "fabulous things my kid does"...look away.  Our oldest son received a letter in the mail today from the university he attends...."you are on academic probation for the next year....if your marks improve in the upcoming year you will be removed from academic probation....if not you will not be able to attend your 4th year".  (Did your hear my blood pressure skyrocket?  Did you know I tend to be a little...shall we say "high-strung"?

I sent him a text...letting him in on this "dirty little secret".  Within 10 minutes he called me, which is a miracle in itself.   He was all "oh Mom, I'm an adult, I can get my marks up next semester.....don't worry".  And I was all "you have been saying this since grade need to stop procrastinating, you need to focus" a high-pitched, screechy, mother-voice.

Cameron is a lovely almost 20 year-old, I am so proud of the way he treats his younger brother, his grandparents, parents and his girlfriend.  He is turning into a lovely almost-adult....but a super student...he is not.  He did quite well in elementary and middle school when I had a bit more control of his assignments and homework.  When he got to high school I backed way off, mostly because I realized that I couldn't follow him through his life making everything work out.  His marks slipped  but he managed to graduate with an academic diploma (and is completely bilingual as he was in french immersion since grade 1) and get accepted to university.  I know he will find his way, and will probably pull off a last minute miracle next year and get himself off academic probation and this will all be a funny story in 10 years...but I am his mother...therefore...I worry.

What is it about kids that can make you beam with pride one day...and cringe the next.  Why can't I accept that he is his own person, and not hinge my happiness on his success.  Why, indeed?  I recently read a blog written by an artist....who had no children.  She was criticizing the amount of "mommy blogs" out there, you know the ones she said " full of pictures of fabulously gifted, beautifully dressed children in aesthetically pleasing environments", I had to laugh out loud.   It's true, babies and toddlers and young kids make the best blog material....because YOU still control their lives.  It's a lovely time....but be prepared....almost adults are not nearly as blog-worthy.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my teenage boys, they entertain me so much and for the most part make me proud, but they're not perfect....and neither am I, or my husband, or our house, or our lives.  Don't let this blog tell you any different.


  1. Oh, you just described my 16 year! I worry about this exact thing and I KNOW this is what I will blogging about in a couple of years. He probably will pull off a miracle. My son always seems to...and I can never understand why he doesn't just turn in his homework and keep his grades up to begin with. Ugh.

    My blood pressure started rising when I read this in sympathy with you!

  2. When do we lose control? My oldest is 11 and I have a hard enough time staying on top of his homework (or not). I don't remember ever really being in control. I guess my blog looks the part though. Hmm..I'm not sure why I chose to leave out or include what I do. I don't think I'm intentionally filtering, but just writing about what's making me happy right now.

    I already read your more recent post, so I'm glad it kind of worked out? Hope things look up.