Thursday, 7 August 2014


It's been a lovely summer so far.  I'm trying a few new patterns in the pottery studio based on Mexican Otomi mother said she is unsure about flowers growing from a chicken's back but she likes the colours....thanks Mom for always offering your opinion (cough).
One of Cameron's friends got married last weekend and he was a groomsman.  The photographer told them to do a "Blue Steel" pose from Zoolander....apparently Cameron was the only Zoolander fan.

I did manage to get a picture of him before he left for the wedding.  It's strange but he loves to wear a suit.....but really could care less about what he wears day-to-day...I blame too many James Bond movies when he was younger.

Last weekend we went camping in Maine by a river with a bunch of friends.  It was fun but there were no showers so every morning I went swimming in the river to wash my hair....very chilly.

Much nicer to look at the river and drink wine.
When we returned on Monday I left for a girl's night with my mother and my 2 sisters.  We stayed at the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews-by-the-sea.
It is such an interesting place, built in the late 1800's but recently completely re-furnished.
Much better than camping.

There is a crazy water slide that goes outside the building for a few turns.  I walked up the spiral staircase inside to the top...then kind of chickened out and didn't want to go down the slide...but also didn't want to do the walk of shame back down the stairs....then an 8 year-old went past me and down the slide so I had no was fun and I survived and didn't have a heart attack.
We walked down to the waterfront for dinner.
Which had to be a Bay of Fundy lobster roll...delicious.
We walked around town admiring all the cute little houses.

Then back to the Algonquin where we sat around the outdoor fire pits and talked with other guests from the US, Canada and Europe.  A perfect little getaway.

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