Sunday, 13 July 2014

July is here

I had this post ready last weekend but it was pre-empted by my post on hurricane Arthur.  The giant tiles I made survived 2 kiln firings and will be installed this week as a heat shield behind the gas stove in the kitchen.
Cameron has been working on restoring this retro 1978 dirt bike for 3 years and he finally was able to ride it (every mother's nightmare) but at 22 years old he isn't really into taking my advice.  Besides as he told me "I've been working on this bike for 3 years, through 3 moves, 4 jobs, university and 2 different girlfriends....I can't abandon it now". 

Isaac's girlfriend Elizabeth graduated from high school so they got all decked out for prom.

I'm working on a different line of pottery, pearly white with aqua blue highlights, a nice change.
Calvin celebrated Canada Day with us on July 1st.
We've been spending a lot of time swimming and kayaking in the lake,
The garden has been slow this year but it's coming along.

Hope your July is going well, it's one of my favourite months.


  1. Gosh you've got an idyllic house and garden, everything is so green and lush, not here in Norcal where its all so brown (or golden as they say) Great looking family - the motorbike would terrify me - mind you I drove with my son the other day in the minivan and that was probably more hairraising. Good on your son for having the gumption to get it going, that's incredible skills.

    Love your tiles _ I have written that word about 3.000 times over the weekend, just did a profile on a couple who have a tile company here

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