Tuesday, 16 September 2014

September news

This month has been a busy one so far, last week I had a night out with all the book club ladies and we picked our books for the year.  I'm hosting next month so this is my pick, I'm always rushing to finish the book in time for book club so this month I'm determined to start it early (she says...on the 15th day of the month...).
Speaking of procrastinating....maybe I'll finish the socks I started knitting on the plane going to France....one year ago.  

In other news I'm back at the College of Craft and Design one day per week finishing up a couple of Design courses I needed to take.....and I've started a degree in Adult Education from the University of New Brunswick.  Most of the courses for the Adult Education degree are available online so I should be able to work them into my schedule of pottery studio demands.  I'm not exactly sure what I will do with an Adult Education degree but I'm sure it would be helpful when teaching pottery classes or if I decided to travel to other countries to participate in Clay residencies.  I would also love to work with the Multicultural Association which helps new immigrants get settled into their new life in Canada. 

When I attended the College of Craft and Design the first time 9 years ago I felt a bit out of place being 35 years old in a sea of 18-20 year olds.  Most of the friends I made were from other countries (China, Iran)......I think we were all a bit out of our element.  

Last year when I went back to thhe College it was to take a tile class so that was in the clay department where I was totally comfortable and knew most of the instructors and some students.  This year the Design and Drawing courses I'm taking are with the Foundation year students which usually means they are directly out of high school....ugh....it is not the same.  I always feel like I can relate to people this age having 19 and 22 year old sons but the group in my classes this year...not so much.  And their conversations.....painful to say the least, but I'll press on till Christmas and those classes will be done.

We got some bad news at the vet last week about Calvin.  He had been getting nosebleeds periodically and they think he has a tumor in his sinus area.  The only treatment would be to send him to Boston (7 hrs away) for radiation but that would not cure him...only slightly prolong his life.  Our vet did not think this would be worthwhile in he long run. Since he will be 11 next month we have decided to treat him with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds which have stopped the nosebleeds for now and we will just have to watch him for signs that the tumor is affecting him in other ways and make a decision when he gets worse.  In the meantime we are spoiling him so much....gone is the dry, diet kibble he usually eats and he has been enjoying fried eggs for breakfast, cookies in the afternoon and as many walks and swims at he lake as he wants.  I am so sad every time I look at him but we are trying to enjoy the time we have left with him.


  1. Do you recall what brand of yarn your socks are made from? I love the colors and would love to make some like them. Thanks

  2. Hi Jayne, I'm not sure the exact colour way because I must have removed the label when I was winding the yarn into a ball. I'm quite sure it is Regia sock yarn. Good luck!

  3. So sorry I never got back to you to thank you for the yarn info. I have looked around and so far have been unable to find that particular colorway but there are many other Regia ones that are lovely so all is not lost! Just happened to really love the one you picked to use. Thanks again!