Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Arthur is a jerk

Hurrican Arthur ripped through New Brunswick on Saturday leaving us without power, cell service landlines or internet.  We are fine but hauling water from a spring and bathing in the lake is getting old. Thankfully as usual the people in our small town have helped each other out and shared everything so there is a feeling of comraderie all around.

Isaac and Liz have been adjusting to a life without technology...crokinole by lantern light is the norm.

We lost so many beautiful trees in our yard but thankfully our house was not damaged.

On the plus side, I think Scott looks pretty cute in his chainsaw pants....

There is no ice to be found anywhere and gas was even in short supply as there was no power to operate the gas pumps.  We were given an estimate of Friday for our power to be restored.  I made the trek to a nearby city for ice, gas and propane and am feeling quite indulgent right now as I sit  at Starbucks enjoying a Frappicino and sucking up their Wi-fi.  Did Arthur mess with your plans? 


  1. Glad you guys are safe and the house is without damage. How wonderful you have a spring to get fresh water! I'm sad for your loss of trees though. I guess they will keep you warm this winter though!

    I have been looking for your email to thank you for the wonderful birthday card and nest...I love it and that you did that for me. My sister said, "I got something from Canada!" and I knew immediately it was from you! Thank you friend!

  2. Wow, I'm glad you are all okay, that tree could have caused some damage if someone was near!

    I love that picture of playing games by candlelight, almost like camping but more romantic and with nice food nearby! Old timey in a good way