Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June so far

A few pictures of what's been happening around here.
I made a bit of rhubarb syrup ( 3 cups rhubarb, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups water...simmer 30 minutes and strain) for rhubarb Tom Collins ( 2 oz gin, 2 oz rhubarb syrup, 1 oz lemon up with tonic water..yum).  It is gone now.....

My cousin graduated from medical school so he had a party and hired Cameron and Isaac as free drinks for me even though I'm their mother.

We finished planting the garden on Sunday, all that is left to do is stake up the raspberries plants and mulch the strawberries.

We are trying sweet potatoes for the first time this year, they need to be planted in black plastic-covered beds to retain the heat.

Since our house was built in 1876 there wasn't really a plan for outdoor lighting...the pathway from the door to where the cars are parked is quite long and I always feel bad sending our guests out to their cars after dark....especially since skunks have been known to hang around.  My solution is a few strings of lights from Target  strung in the big maple tree.....not bad for now.

The kitchen has finally come together with the old stove removed from the island and a new maple butcher block installed. The gas range and exhaust hood are in their new spot to the left of the picture. Scott and I had to cut a path through the top cupboards to vent the exhaust hood outdoors...and remove the cupboard the range hood is attached to and cut new crown moulding for the top...but we managed with the help of YouTube.  Now we are waiting for the electrician to come and remove that plug behind the range......and I really should make some tiles for that area too.

My aunt took me to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea for a late birthday celebration.  We had lunch at the newly renovated Algonquin Resort.
It was built in the late 1800's and is so beautiful.  
Everything in the yard is growing and blooming.  This white lilac tree that Cameron and I planted when he was 3 (19 years ago) has finally reached he upstairs bedroom windows.  You can reach out and pick them from the spare room....which is handy since white lilacs always seem to bloom on the top.  I have the windows open and the whole house smells like lilacs......which Scott is allergic to..oops.


  1. Your kitchen looks great! The lights in the trees are a good idea...our house was built in 1962...not outside lighting either except for recess lighting on the front porch and floodlights on the corners.

  2. I love everything about your house the colour around the rims of the windows is stunning! You have a huge vege garden, my husband has trouble keeping up with just our tiny plot. Also have to say you had me at rhubarb, tricky to grow here in CA, but grows like weeks in NZ, where I've just been