Monday, 7 October 2013


We're back after 2 weeks in France and it is great to be home.  We rented a (quite rustic) 300 year-old home in Provence with 3 of our friends.  This is our little rental car on the street outside our rental house.
We drove on crazy narrow roads to markets and little towns in Provence, it was so beautiful.  I had to put the French I learned in high school to use as practically no one spoke English in the parts of France we were in the first week.

The markets in each little town were so fun to shop at, so many delicious local products...olives, cheese, figs, baguettes..and oh, the wine.
We visited the roman aqueduct, Pont de Gard.

And spent the afternoon in picturesque Uzes, France.
The cafés all had outdoor patios...and the best cafe au lait...ever.

I'll update the next part of the trip to the French Riviera and Paris in my next post.

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