Wednesday, 9 October 2013

France part 2

After 8 days in Provence Scott and I said goodbye to our friends, returned our rental car and set out by train to Nice.  We stayed in Villefranche,swam in the Meditteranean (something I've wanted to do for so long), it was so warm and much saltier than the Atlantic Ocean...I'm not sure why.  After 3 days in Villefranche we took the high-speed TGVTrain to Paris ( 5 hr trip).
The desserts in France were the absolute best...thank goodness we walked about 8 hrs/day
I didn't expect to love the Eiffel Tower so much...I had to visit it twice.

After a surprisingly short wait we took the elevator up to the second level of the tower..and a nice lady took our picture .

I loved the Art Nouveau signs for the Metro..and the accordion player.

Our room in Paris was so girly...kind of felt like staying overnight at your grandmother's.

More tower love.

I loved all the dogs at the cafés .
The following pics are out of order as they were from the French Riviera which we visited before Paris.

The water was such a beautiful aqua colour.

These are just the pictures from my Ipad so I must warn you there might be more when I download the pictures from my camera. 

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  1. I'm dying to know how you managed with just a carry-on bag? I think that may be the way to go next time I go to Europe, especially since my bag was delayed on the way back. When I went to the airport to pick up my son's bag 2 days after we got back, I ran into a couple I know who were on their way to China for 3 weeks...with only carry ons!