Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring Things

Around here maple season is in full swing....we tapped the maple trees on our property and have been collecting sap and boiling it down to syrup for almost 2 weeks.  So far we have almost 4 quarts of maple syrup tucked away in the freezer.  

We also had our little nieces over for taffy on snow.  Basically you get some fresh clean snow and pack it into a large pan, then you heat your maple syrup up until it is 115 degrees Celsius then you pour it out over the snow.  You use a wooden popsicle stick...or fork..and twirl up the is so good.

I've also been making dumplings.  Years ago when I attended art college I met Boakun who had recently moved to Canada from China.  She was so generous and when she brought her lunch she would always bring me a sample too.  Her dumplings were my favourite so she gave me the recipe.  They are kind of a pain to make...but so yummy.  I can post the recipe here sometime if anyone is interested.

Here they are before I steamed them....

In other news...Isaac turned 18, baby is an adult.

We took him shopping last night for his graduation suit.  Most of the guys are buying suits for prom instead of renting a tuxedo like our oldest son did when he graduated 4 years ago.

It is a custom at our son's high school that a parent (the mother for boys...and the father for the girls) escorts the graduate into the school gymnasium on prom night.  Then the graduates pair up with their prom date and leave for the prom.  What that means for me is trying to find a formal dress that doesn't make me a)look like I'm attending my prom at 43 years old  b)look like a  cougar....or c) make me look matronly....wish me luck!

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  1. That iced maple syrup looks like heaven.
    I bet my grandpa's family from New Hampshire made that, they lived on a farm and used to boil the syrup on their stove , I have an old letter written a hundred years ago where its told great grandma was furious because she let the syrup boil over and it took forever to clean up from the kitchen floor!