Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter, Happy Spring

My birthday was yesterday and I was very spoiled with flowers, cards, gifts and a delicious dinner cooked for me by my 83 year-old mother in law.  Our oldest son came home from university he met us at my inlaws so we were all there, it was lovely.

Last year for my birthday I really wanted an Iphone....but when I went to buy it I found out the Iphone 5 was coming out very soon so I waited.  Then life got in the way and the car needed fixed and the house needed painted then  hockey season started so the Iphone idea faded. 

Scott insisted we go to the mall on Tuesday and get one for me for this birthday....but I thought the price was scandalous...$670 for a telephone?  What has the world come to?  I really wanted something to act as a GPS when we are travelling and something to book hotels etc. on the road and keep in touch with home.....and the screen was so small on the Iphone.

Anyway in the end we got an Ipod mini.  I'm having fun with it so far...figuring it out as I go along. My favourite feature so far is Facetime. I was cooking supper on Wednesday and Scott's sister and I had a lovely visit while on Facetime.  The only problem was that I had just come back from running and my hair was a mess...and I was making a complicated recipe so my kitchen was a mess too....Facetime puts a lot of pressure on you to have everything looking decent.

In other news Calvin went to the groomer and got his spring clip.  He looks more like a yellow lab now than a golden retriever but he smells great.

The sun is shining here and I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend, Happy Easter.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Apple products are ridiculously over priced...spoken like a true Android user, though! :)