Sunday, 10 March 2013

10 on 10 March 013

Joining with Rebecca today for 10 on 10 where you take a picture each hour for 10's what my day looked like;

#1 Pot roast ready for the oven

#2 Winter composter

#3 Rhododendron peeking out of its winter covering

#4 Sap is running...maple syrup season is here

#5 Out for a walk with two of my favourites

#6 Sap cans on the biggest maple tree in the yard

#7 Pottery studio

#8 Retro snowmobile

#9 Treats from the farmer's market.....samosas from the Indian food stall and "Bee sting" cake from the German baker

#10 New magazines


  1. looks like a great day!
    love syrup season. means spring is on the way.
    where in canada do you live?
    i live in mb. it's nice to find other canadian bloggers :)

  2. I love this set... finally someone who knows what it's like to be buried under snow like me! Love the maple syrup... remember collecting it as a kid, on skis!

  3. hi denise, i love your ten photos, so different from here. i've never seen cans hang on trees like that, syrup? love your snowy photos too, we saw it fall in nyc and now i'm happy.

  4. I just love the peek into your life...composting, walks in the snow, sap...not to mention your studio. You could teach me a thing or two!
    Enjoy your new magazines!