Monday, 17 December 2012


I'm beginning to think this blog is mainly pictures of this delicious breakfast bun that our local bakery makes.  It's basically made like a cinnamon bun but instead of cinnamon and sugar it has layers of scrambled eggs, bacon pieces and grated cheddar cheese....all rolled up in delicious bread dough.  Scott and I made a quick pottery delivery last week and stopped at the bakery for take out breakfast.

It was a beautiful day...and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here...except for the dirty windshield on the car that I took this picture through.

Our neighbors are away again so Isaac is doing their barn chores this week.  Last night Scott walked over with him to help him out in the barn and the water in the sheep's bucket had frozen and when they dumped the ice out of the pail...they thought it looked like something I would want to "put a candle in or something" so they brought it home to me.  Oh those men do surprise me sometimes....who knows maybe they are secretly reading my Martha Stewart Living magazine when I am not looking.  I put a tea light in and viola...a lovely ice lantern that would make Martha weep.

And I discovered this little gem:

which is precisely how I feel about tea.


  1. The snow picture would make a pretty postcard...I didn't even notice the dirty windshield!
    I'd fall out if my hubby & boys did something like that! Very cool!

  2. Okay, we need to figure out how to replicate those rolls! They look amazing! And how beautiful is your landscape? It was 76 here today...nice but I am ready for winter!