Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas time in coming...

After a busy weekend away at a hockey tournament we spent Sunday afternoon decorating a bit outside, I made this wreath with some greenery snipped from the yard and was so happy to find this Scandinavian-looking ribbon at Michaels for the bow.

This is a familiar scene..hockey jerseys on the line...this year's schedule is crazy but we are trying to enjoy it as Isaac graduates this year and will be off to university next year.

Still making lots of butter dishes for Christmas orders.

And a couple of teapots that start out looking like this...nice and smooth white clay....

Then slip (clay material watered down to cream consistency, they colored using stains).....in this case black slip is brushed over the white clay and allowed to dry until it is no longer sticky.

I then draw on a design and carve away the black slip revealing the white clay underneath.  Red underglaze is added to the bird on the lid and the berries on the teapot.

Another teapot, this one carve with a bird, leaves and berry design...also black slip over white clay.

Right now the teapots and butter dishes are cooling in the kiln after their bisque firing.  Tomorrow I will glaze them with a clear glaze and pop them back in the kiln for a glaze firing.  I'll post finished pictures later in the week.

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