Thursday, 22 November 2012


Both our sons have been so lucky to be able to be enrolled in French Immersion since Grade 1.  All their schooling for the first 4 years was entirely in French then the amount of English instruction gradually increases until they take 75% of their subjects in English and 25% in French by Grade 12, resulting in them being fluent in English and French upon High School graduation.

This year our youngest Isaac (front, far left with the hunter orange hat) is so happy to be enrolled in Outdoor Pursuits for one of his classes in the first semester of his grade 12 year.  They have had such fun, hiking, geo-caching, overnight camping, zip lining and constructing a new bridge over a steam on one of the hiking trails behind their high school.

Last week they hiked into a beautiful waterfall (it was hunting season hence the hunter orange).

One of the added bonuses of French Immersion both my boys noted is that generally the girls outnumber the guys.....although I'm not too sure Isaac's doing much to impress them....


  1. Both of these opportunities sound amazing. I think it is such a shame that the US doesn't put more of a focus on foreign language in education. When we lived overseas, everyone spoke multiple languages. They would ask, "How many languages do you speak?" and we would all hang our heads!

  2. haha, kids. love the language immersion, and french! so beautiful and useful, french is spoken many places around the world.