Tuesday, 23 August 2011

To Costco...or not to Costco

So after much protesting...(more on that later) a Costco store opened in our nearest city (30 miles away)....I told you we lived in the middle of nowhere.

I decided to check it out....and found I have no willpower;

I did manage to buy some healthy things as well

I'm not sure if  I'm a Costco fan or not.  I don't have a lot of storage space and I'm really perplexed by the weird Siamese-twin thing they have going on there.  While I could possibly use one quart of Tabasco sauce (if  I drank enough Caesars)....could I ever use two?  

My biggest question is....if I keep going there...and partaking of the free samples...and buying the giant containers of brownies....will I get as wide as the Costco carts?


  1. Hi I came over from Janie Fox...they say if you partake of all the samples in one shopping trip it is four hundred calories!..so I try to watch myself on that. I do buy all my paper and cleaning stuff there..and I find that keeps me out of the other stores. I hope they start carrying more organic..looking forward to reading your past and future posts.

  2. Valid points...I am a Costco member...or was. I buy a handful of items there and visit about once a month. Baby Wipes (even though my kids are older, I use them to clean, in the car, etc.}, Mahi Mahi fish fillets, edamame, taco seasoning, vanilla, paper towels and an occasional book for $8.99. It's hard to justify the $50 a year membership, but I do love those wipes. I even bought a box and shipped them with our stuff to the island. True.