Monday, 1 August 2011

Long Weekend

As it was a holiday weekend here (New Brunswick Day) we decided to go to my husband's sister's cottage at the lake.  The cottage is on an island so you have to take a 20 minute boat ride to get there.  It was built in the 1940's and has no electricity but there is a hand pump for water and a composting toilet.  We have been going there every summer since our boys were babies and we always have a great time.
Some highlights:
Cameron had a rare day off from his summer job so we were a family of 4 again (these sunglasses still crack me up)

the cottage
My sister-in-law with a very large dog
Isaac enjoying yet another Stephen King novel

Cameron and Isaac jumping off "Canon Ball Rock"
quite possibly the most unflattering picture of me...ever...when I jumped off I thought I was as graceful as a gymnast..apparently I was delusional....
Scott relaxing with a slightly smaller dog

Isaac on the way home....I think he had a good day.


  1. How very fun! Perfect summer activities. i love the photo of you jumping off the rock! And my goodness that dog is huge!

  2. jumping off the brave! I love it! That is not a dog, that is a pony. I love the cottage My sis had a lake house that we went to when my kids were little. They still talk about it and wish she still owned it.

  3. Re: Summer Reads
    I loved The Birth House and I am so glad to find someone else that has read it. I randomly found it at a beach house where people leave books they have read for the next guests. The main character captured my heart from the very beginning.