Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Take it...or leave it?

We're leaving tomorrow for a trip to California, the whole darn family.  Packing does not seem to be a problem for the teenage boys and my husband but for me...well...decisions, decisions.  We have two flights on Friday, Moncton-Montreal then Montreal-Las Vegas.  We overnight in Las Vegas (ugh...I don't think I will be a fan but am trying to remain open-minded) the next day we pick up our rental car and go to Death Valley National Park for an overnight then on to the coast of California a bit north of LA.  From there we have about 5 days unplanned but we're thinking of driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, spending the last three days in San Francisco( maybe a wine tour?) before flying back San Francisco-Toronto, Toronto-Moncton.  I have to be prepared for hot weather, cool weather, hiking, and maybe dressing up a bit if we decide to go out to dinner in the city.  The top of my bed looks like this:

kind of a disorganized mess.....

I think 6 pairs of shoes seems a tad excessive....maybe I'll sneak a couple pairs into my husband's suitcase.

Calvin is pretty excited to go spend a couple weeks with his grandmother
We're waiting for our older son to get home from university tomorrow and I have warned him to have all his clothes clean and packed....we'll see how that goes.  I suggested to the boys that they leave their laptops and even their Ipods at home and step away from technology for the trip....they were not amused.  Maybe after spending every day in a rental car with their parents they'll need an escape.

Any suggestions on things we should see or do in California?

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