Wednesday, 20 April 2011


How much is too much?  What is the difference between caring for your kids, and giving them a few perks...and turning them into spoiled brats with a sense a entitlement?  And why is it so hard to see them struggle....with anything?  Don't you just want to swoop in and "fix" everything?

I can remember as a teenager having lots of things that I wished were different.  Wishing you had the same freedoms and even material things as your friends....wishing that you were a better athlete....wishing that person you had a crush on would notice you...but you worked through it and in the end were stronger for it...and you survived just fine, thank you.  Why as a Mom is it so difficult to watch you own kids have even one moment of unhappiness or discomfort?

This week our neighbours are on a trip so they hired Isaac to care for their barn animals while they are away. they pay him really well and he will need the money as we are going on a trip next week and he will want some spending money so the timing was good.   It is a pretty big job as they have 19 sheep (and counting as they are all pregnant and due next week) and 3 horses.  It probably takes around 45 minutes in the morning and again in the evening to feed and water all the animals.  The bus picks Isaac up at 7:30 so he has to get up at 6:00 am, walk to the neighbours, do the barn work, walk home, shower and catch the bus.  The evening chores aren't so bad as he isn't on a strict time schedule after supper.

This morning when I heard his alarm go off at 6 am, it was still dark....and I was still in bed.  I thought of him walking down the road....and I started to worry about it still being dark and him walking along the road and the cars not being able to see him.  I considered getting up and driving him there.....then I considered telling him I would do the barn work this morning so he wouldn't be rushed and he could do it this evening....then my husband said "he's fine, he's 16 years old....I'm pretty sure he is capable of walking along the road" (don't you hate it when husbands are all reasonable like that?)  In the end I stayed in bed....(but I did tell him to take a flashlight...and to be careful (3x).  He came back about 6:45, showered, had a scrambled egg and went on his way to school. Now we just have to repeat this for the next 7 days.....and I'm really going to try to not step in and save the day....but it will be hard....

Do you like to "fix" everything in your kid's life?


  1. I try not to....but it is harder than I thought!

  2. Ummmm, yes!
    Your comversation with your hubby sounds just like many we've had around here. Too funny! I have to say though, I'm on boy number three, and it's definitely easier to let him make his way in the world than it was with my oldest.
    But it's still hard!